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What makes a model a Super Model?


When is a model a Super Model?

If you have to ask, she probably is not.

While working in the New York fashion scene in the 90's,I would say it was very easy to be a model.

You just had to be 5' 8" - 5' 11", thin, between 14-17 starting out.You didn't even have to be that attractive as many will have you believe.

Above all else, you just had to look unique…and do the many go-sees required to get people to like you.

That would make you a regular working model that many will never know of outside of your working circle, but we were talking about Super Models, and that is the question.

For me, I can only describe what it was like for me to meet the next Super Model.

I remember we were at a fashion show, and I was with a fellow photographer named Andrew Richard.

The models in the room all looked similar like models did, as described above. Then she walked in. This beautiful girl who just stood out from the crowd.

I asked Andrew if he knew her. He told me he did, but gave me the wrong name. When I finally met her, she could even speak English, but she told me her name was Adriana.

From then on, I knew her as Adriana, and she would be the next Super Model.

So the answer to the question is, A Super Model is one who everyone knows by their first name. Adriana, Kate, Linda, Eva, Helena were the ones in my day.

  undefined  Photo:  Adriana Lima by Gavin Giles

Miss Universe, or not?

Miss Universe Crowning 2015


It seems everyone is making a big deal out of the Miss Universe crowning.

I think it was a simple mistake, caused by the recent so-called fashionable change in presenting the runner up instead of the winner, as to create suspense.

Steve Harvey simply said the runner up and annonced her as the winner instead of the runner up.


If you have not seen it, you can see it here: